Online Food Delivery Marketplace

An online food marketplace is an encouraging business idea. If you have an idea to make an app like Uber Eats, food panda, Deliveroo and so on and want an online food ordering and delivery software which makes it convenient for your customers to place food order directly from your website or through the mobile app (Android or iPhone).

We designed both a customer app and a restaurant/vendor app, which provide tailormade online restaurant ordering software, allowing your customer to easily take up orders anytime from anywhere.

Also, lets your delivery staff deliver the assigned orders, which can be tracked real-time on the map. Our software allows you to manage and analyze end to end delivery operations in real-time, let’s you easily coordinate with the admin and the customer. We provide powerful dashboard, which can be flawlessly integrated into your existing system. We believe in making your delivery operations simplified and easier with our delivery application software.

App features:

    1. Registration
    2. Card verification
    3. Payment system integration
    4. Restaurant selection by filters
    5. Food selection by filters
    6. Delivery location
    7. Order history
    8. GPS tracking
    9. Estimated delivery time
    10. Notifications
    11. Custom suggestions
    12. Ratings