Loyalty Program System

We design tailor-made loyalty management system for you. It is a points-based system in which customers receive credit for each purchase is also associated with loyalty.

This credit acts as a secondary type of currency that can be redeemed for rewards, usually after a certain threshold limit has been reached. Raising retention rates post-purchase often requires more than sending coupons to past customers.

We help you Increase customer visits with the tailored and strategic loyalty program system by understanding your customers.

Plan a loyalty program for your business on the right channel, Right reward to the right customer at the right moment!

positive impact on your business:

    1. Increase in Transactions (Card, Cash,)
    2. Web Services (e-statements)
    3. Inbound channels (IOS/Android, devices, SMS,)
    4. Supplier Partnership (Fees, Services)
    5. Marketing (Innovation, perceived brand image)


    1. Easy to join a system
    2. Customizable Rewards
    3. Dynamic Onsite Action Tracking
    4. Integrated Social Action
    5. Native Referral Marketing
    6. Native In-Store Support
    7. Integrated Coupon System
    8. Native iOS app and Android app