Logistics System

We build Software for your efficient transport management: covering everything from order entry, and planning. Also offer features like freight invoicing, fleet management and Business Intelligence Systems for evaluating your data. We develop logistics software for companies of all sizes – from small businesses to international groups. We offer GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management software for fleet business. We also develop tailored mobile application for a GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management (iOS & Android). With this app you can track monitoring vehicle fleets, assets and workforce in real-time offering locations, speed, travelling distance, engine status and more data in a single screen.

Some other features:

  1. Fleet history: Store GPS Tracking data containing point-by-point vehicle tracking history. You may download or export them.
  2. Quick delivery: On top of the vehicle tracking features, cs-cart provide the best fleet management software which allows a user to add locations, time and allowed duration for each job and assign to your nearest available drivers with their smartphones.
  3. Optimizes route: Jobs are resorted according to shortest distance and time.
  4. Longer fleet life span: Get reminders when your vehicles’ servicing is due.
  5. Fuel monitoring: A simple-to-use interface that can record fuel expense for each vehicle based on GPS odometer.
  6. Integrated chat: The integrated chat function facilitates hassle-free communication between office and field workers. Share locations directly to chats.