Security Enhancement in Cs-cart (Phase 1)


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This add-on enhances the security of your eCommerce Marketplace. It employs multiple tactics to keep your website secure. Various features of this add-on are as follows-

Channel of Each Order

This add-on notifies you about the channel from which an order was received, whether it was received from web or mobile.

Know the IP Address

Security enhancement in CS-Cart plugin notifies you of the IP Address of the ordering person on every order.

Advanced Search

With the help of the above two parameters, viz. Channel of order and IP Address, you can launch an advanced search.

Block Users Permanently

Unhappy with the nuisance caused by unwanted buyers? With Security enhancement in CS-Cart plugin, you can block such users from checking out.

Limit the number of orders per user

With Security enhancement in CS-Cart plugin, you can limit the orders per customer per time period. For Example, you can limit a buyer to place only two orders in an interval of an hour.

Automatic Logout of a web user after a specific time period

With Security enhancement in CS-Cart plugin, you can log out a user who has been logged in or idle for a specific period of time.


This plugin is suitable for Cs-cart Multivendor/ Single Vendor / ultimate 4.7.x and above.

Mobile Application

A mobile application is also available at an extra cost. Get in touch with us for more information.

Delivery time

This plugin is delivered digitally over the email within 12 hours of placing the order. We also provide support over Skype.